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2016 is like this

The time in college is quickly passing by, but it is worth cherishing. There are always many things, whether good or bad, happy or sad, that you cannot forget. After graduation, it's like a leaf falling from a tree trunk, not knowing where it will be blown by the wind.

The memories of the college dormitory still linger in those familiar scenes. Chen Laogou is still the same, eating instant noodles and watching that anchor whose name I can't remember, showing off and laughing loudly. We still play the game "Tiantian Kupao" that we have abandoned for a long time. There are piles of test papers on the table, and a mentor in the computer is passionately talking about exam skills. Youge is making congee on the balcony and occasionally comes into the room to get a cigarette, wishing to live on the balcony. And I keep cursing at the number of elementary school students playing League of Legends, and then continue to be fooled by my elementary school teammates.

Later, because the school was on vacation, we couldn't stay in the dormitory anymore. Youge, Jige, and I desperately looked for a house. We were so poor at that time. It was really painful to find a short-term rental during the Chinese New Year, let alone finding a cheap one.

On the day we moved into the hotel, the three of us walked through a dark and narrow alley, looking at the hotel next to the abandoned driving school. There was a feeling of entering a thief's den. Everyone was carrying heavy luggage. When we opened the door of the hotel, there was an old TV from who knows what year on the beige table, and there were boogers by the corner of the table. The wallpaper on the wall was hanging in pairs or threes, and the damp toilet filled the room with a musty smell. But at least we had a place to stay, we couldn't sleep on the streets.

At night, the cold wind blew into the room through various gaps, and the air was filled with the sound of the air conditioner's fan blades hanging down. The exposed infrared receiver received the signal from the remote control and started blowing cool air. The three of us studied it for a long time and came to a conclusion that this air conditioner only blows cold air. We silently crawled into the thin blanket in the hotel.

During the long night, it felt like the blanket had no effect at all. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, Youge suggested that we go back to the dormitory to get blankets because it was too damn cold. But no one wanted to get out of the blanket. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore either. The three of us got up in the middle of the night. It was already snowing outside, and the road was covered with hard ice. Walking from the hotel to our school felt like falling into an ice hole. When we arrived at the dormitory, we quickly turned on the air conditioner and realized that the dormitory was better. Then the three of us hugged our blankets and plunged into the 360-degree wind of Ningbo.

During that time, I really felt that I was about to leave the ivory tower of college and slowly start living in society. Yes, survival. At that time, when we were about to graduate, we had no direction at all. We had no idea what we would do in the future, let alone how to survive.

Later, when it was close to graduation, Jige and I resigned from Sanjiang. Jige was determined to go to Shanghai or Hangzhou, but I really had no direction. Then I went to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo to look for jobs. Because of my family in Hebei, I really wanted to go to Beijing for a couple of years. Unfortunately, I hadn't graduated yet, so I had to find a job in Ningbo or Hangzhou in order to get my degree certificate. Then Youge also went to Hangzhou, and I looked at Zexin in the dormitory and felt that life couldn't go on like this. So I went to Hangzhou several times. Because I really didn't have any resources or money at that time, I took the cheapest train and returned to Ningbo after the interview. Just graduated, who knows how to find a job, like a headless fly, and I have no concept of what work ability is.

In the end, I found a company in Hangzhou, and then I moved a big box of luggage from Ningbo. At that time, I didn't have a place to live, so I found a hotel in an internet cafe. I remember it cost more than 60 yuan a day to stay there, and I had to settle down. Actually, at that time, I didn't know where I stood, I just knew that I had arrived in Hangzhou. Because the salary and benefits of this company were good, and I really couldn't stand living in that old and damp hotel. I gritted my teeth and shared a house with others. Life slowly stabilized. Occasionally, I would go to Ningbo to hang out with my buddies, or go to other places, or cook for myself. I feel that the current life may not be what I want, but it is definitely what I like.

This is my 2016, not just a technical year. I fell in love with cooking, I have a group of brothers around me, and the only regret is that I don't know where she is now.

The future will definitely get better and better.

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