Keep alive && Do better

Chaos Star Lord

In the Lost Forest in the eastern part of the Demon Capital, there is a large area of purple bamboo forest. In the forest, a man with purple hair is running frantically, with a giant silver brush on his back. A panda is chasing after him. The bamboo on both sides rustles, occasionally scaring away a few silver-winged fledglings.

"Young Yunxing, come back to me!" the panda angrily shouts, waving a broken piece of bamboo in his hand.

"You stupid panda, you want me to go back and study? If it weren't for the prohibition you set in this bamboo forest, I could easily flatten you with a curse," the man named Yunxing shouts back, running even faster. The panda is so angry that he stumbles and throws the half piece of bamboo in his hand towards Yunxing. Yunxing suddenly speeds up, dodging it with a side step, and turns back, grinning at the panda, saying, "You can't hit me, stupid panda."

While running, Yunxing takes out many bamboo slips from the package on his back and waves them at the panda, then throws them into the air. This must be something important to the panda, otherwise why would he desperately accelerate to catch it? As soon as he catches it, the panda's fat body starts twisting again. He quickly goes to catch another one, and when he catches the last one, he gasps for breath and falls to the ground. "You brat, do you want to kill me?" the panda mutters, then extends a fat finger and draws a green mysterious symbol in the air. The azure sky suddenly flashes with a few points of starlight, forming a pattern. A blue light flies from the sky and chases after Yunxing. Before Yunxing can react, he is tightly bound. He curses the panda for playing dirty, but is forcibly pulled back into the depths of the bamboo forest by the panda without a word.

In the vast bamboo sea, the murmuring stream flows slowly to the foot of the mountain through the cracks in the rocks. There is a small village with only a dozen bamboo houses by the stream, surrounded by various strange wooden totems. These wooden totems seem to have experienced too much wind and rain, covered with moss and mushrooms, green and decayed.

While being punished to copy books, Yunxing looks fiercely at the panda who is eating bamboo shoots. But the panda is busy using its teeth to peel off the skin of the bamboo shoots, then enjoying chewing them. Yunxing doesn't know how many times he has been caught by this panda. If it weren't for secretly drinking the Monkey Wine of the Demon Emperor and being thrown into this bamboo forest, he would have been studying the Great Wisdom with the most knowledgeable elder in the Demon Capital. But he was actually restricted by this panda, having to listen to the panda's constant nagging about the history of the demon clan.

"You fat panda, you're so fat and still eating all the time," Yunxing mutters.

"Read 'The Demon Strategy' twenty more times," the panda's mouth is full of food, and he sprays out a lot of it while speaking. Yunxing glares at the panda fiercely, but doesn't dare to say anything else. Anyway, in a few days, it will be the Ancient Yuan Festival, and he will go back to the Demon Capital to find the Great Demon Bi Fang to support him. Bi Fang has always loved Yunxing. Suddenly, a powerful demonic force surges from the direction of the Demon Capital, as if a volcano has erupted.

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